The Color Drum

    Inspiration can come to us in many different ways. For this photo shoot, inspiration came from the Color Run event; a 5k run that promotes healthiness and happiness with a big splash of color. The next event is May 21st and you know that this Southern Californian photographer will be there.
    Because this Color Run was a big inspiration for this shoot, I decided to call it The Color Drum. I took the colored powder concept, used in the run, and turned it towards the drum set for my good friend Ian Foreman to do his magic on. With each splash of the symbol and smack of the drum beautiful moments were captured and I was able to create wonderful works of art.
    These posted items are copies of originals, that were lost on my hard drive that crashed while editing. Fortunately I was able to retrieve and share the image previews that were stored in Lightroom. The originals are forever gone but that’s okay because I get to do it again and the next shoot will be even bigger and better
    So, I hope you enjoy these images and I look forward to sharing with you the next batch of Matt Doheny Photography Color Drum photos.