Same me, new attitude.

A change in the wind

If you're a fashion photographer like me, especially in Los Angeles, you may find yourself looking at work you once loved but now you're not so sure. Living in the city there's an abounded amount of talent out there and it's easy to feel like you may not be keeping up. I have definitely fallen subject to this. We are our own worst critics and I think most of you would agree. But lately, something has changed in me. I don't feel the pressure to compare myself to other. I have found a somewhat clarity amongst the smog of LA. In a way, it has reignited my passions and I feel as if a second wind has come to light. What brought on this change you ask? Well, I couldn't tell you because I'm not really sure myself. Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older. I'm in the thirties now so maybe I have just learned to tame that part of my brain. Whatever the reason I'm looking forward to producing bigger and better work and I hope you all stick around to watch me grow.

This is Matt Doheny, Signing off!!

"Same me, new attitude" 

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