People of Europe

Being a portrait photographer in Los Angeles I meet all kinds of people that come to my studio. So when I travel I’m always excited to get in my street photography state of mind and see people in the wild. With my trusted Canon 5D mark 3 and my 24mm-70mm F/2.8 I’m off to the races.

When I do my street photography I don’t like the people to know I’m taking my photos. There’re two school of thought on this, ask permission or be secretive, I like to choose the latter. To me thats where I find those candid moments and the real magic. The funny thing about my street photography style is I’m only looking through my view finder about 50% of the time. I keep my camera at my hip or my chest. This way im able to take my photographs with out people knowing. I see the moments in my eyes and hope that I captures the shot. It’s really fun this way and the angles are pretty unique. Most shots happen in a fraction of a sec as im walking by so I have to really be on my game as I’m walking around. I usually only get 1 or 2 shots off so if I miss the moment or the focus is off the shots gone. Some times I’m not as smooth as I think I am and people are looking right down the barrel of my lens. Do you think that stops me from take the photo? Not at all, I snap it anyways. Weather they’re looking right into my camera or in there own world, it’s a unique moment and I’m happy to capture it.

I hope you enjoy my quick 7 day trip through Lisbon, Barcelona and Madrid.

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