Studio lighting setup with Lex Atkins

  I've forgotten how much I love to make videos. Being a Los Angeles portrait photographer here in downtown, I have only been taking photographs for the past 10 or so years. Early on in my career I used to do video but I abandoned it because I didn't feel like anyone appreciated how much time and effort went into edit. Because of this I strictly stuck to photography and learned as much as I could about my photographic craft. Recently I've decided to take video back up and start my youtube channel. This has shined a light on a passion, tho very close to photograph, I completely forgot I had. Its a completely different animal than photography and im so excited to learn and grow with all of you who follow my work.

  Now im ready to start this new journey and share with all of you the fun and excited things I get to do in this life. I hope you find a minuet to check out my youtube channel Doheny Photo and please let me know your thoughts. 

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